Commercial Energy Efficiency Programs

Power Saver

When your business takes advantage of NAED's Power Saver Rebate Program, you'll add value to your business or property through better lighting, improve cash flow due to lower energy costs and reduce the load on your HVAC system as less heat is produced by the new lighting applications.

NAED offers financial incentives to its commercial customers to replace inefficient lighting fixtures and bulbs with lighting products that are more energy efficient. To learn more about how Power Saver can save you money view the info below.

View the Power Saver Fact Sheet and Application (PDF).

Energy Wise Tips

NAED encourages you to save on your monthly electric bill by trying some of these easy tips:

  • Check motors, bearings, and blower fans in your HVAC system, and lubricate as required on a quarterly basis
  • In warm weather, keep vents closed in unoccupied areas to prevent unnecessary cooling of storage areas and closets
  • Install fans to create air movement, which enhances the cooling ability of AC and improves comfort levels
  • Install time clocks, set-back thermostats or microprocessor thermostats to operate your HVAC system more efficiently
  • Use light-sensing controls to turn on outdoor lights at dusk and off at dawn