Annual Calendar Contest


The results are in! We have our winners of the 2023 NAED Calendar Contest!  

This year's theme was "Life Without Electricity- Oh No!" 

The winners are: 

Matthew Avila                Community  School - Grade 3
Shyam Srinivasan          North Attleboro Middle School - Grade 8
Sidharth Gupta             Roosevelt School - Grade 3
Yavanika Dhayanithy     Amvet School- Grade 4
Aavika Jain Amvet School - Grade 3trophy
Leona Rabbitt                Falls School - Grade 4
Maire Swanson             Falls School - Grade 4
Aarohi Sakalikar           Amvet School - Grade 4
Charlotte O’Brien          Martin School- Grade 3
Ryan McNally                Saint Mary's Sacred Heart- Grade 3
Riana Bidani                  Amvet School - Grade 4
Leah Afonso                 Amvet School  - Grade 4
Pranavi Rawat               Amvet School - Grade 4
Valerie Freer                Community School - Grade 4
Bradley Harris              Martin School - Grade 4
Avery Wells                  Martin School- Grade 4
Riley Butler                  Community School - Grade 4

Congratulations to all our winners! And a huge THANK YOU to all who participated. This is a 29 year tradition that is near and dear to NAED and we truly love to see all the artwork from our community.

About the Contest:

For the last 29 years, North Attleboro Electric Department has held a yearly Calendar Contest for the local Elementary schools. Each year, a theme is chosen and the local students are able to submit a drawing representing that theme. Past themes have included, "The History of Electricity", "Your Town and Electricity", and "Climate Change-The Future of Electricity!" 

This beloved tradition encourages kids to take notice of the everyday electrical infrastructure in the community as well as foster an interest in electrical safety, innovations, and the possibilities for the future. 

NAED staff vote and the winners receive a prize and have their artwork featured in the next years calendar.

2024 Calendar Contest Winners!

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