Advanced Meter Infrastructure Project- AMI

meter infoUpdate on Meters Project!

NAED Moving ahead with replacing all customers meters later this year

NAED is still working behind the scenes on software integrations to ensure a smooth rollout of meters. This project includes the replacement of all electric meters, ~13,500, as they are all reaching 20+ years of service and we will be implementing a customer portal, giving residents a clear, detailed view of their individual electricity usage.

We have installed ~20 meters around Town to test end-to-end processes such as billing and service orders to ensure a smooth rollout of mass meter deployment. We are still working through software & integration tasks which we want to be as close to perfect as possible before rolling out.

Residential customers will be notified with a minimum of one week notice when NAED employees will be in your neighborhood to swap your electric meter. The outage will be short, 5 minutes or less and you will see no difference in electric rates. Most commercial customers will not see an outage at all due to the way commercial and industrial meters are wired. We will have a web map showing where meters are being deployed, along with the neighborhoods up next. There will be more information published by NAED on our website, socials, and newsletter in the coming months