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Your Public Power Utility

NAED,  a  public  power  utility,  owned  by  the  people  of  North  Attleborough,  provides  reliable  services  at economical rates through teamwork, technology and innovation.   The Board of Electric Commissioners and NAED employees are committed to safe operations, to excellent customer service and to the community we serve.

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Public Power
Municipal electric utilities like NAED were founded on the principal that electricity is an essential public service that is best provided by a utility owned and operated by the people it serves. This is the definition of public power and NAED is one of thousands of municipal utilities that collectively make up the public power system in this country. With public power, not only are the residents part owners of their local electric utility, the commissioners who govern policy for the utility are from the community as well. In a public power community, the electric utility is non-profit and tax-exempt, meaning that every dollar paid for electricity goes toward high quality, reliable and economical electric service that meets the diverse needs of the community and the rate payers.

NAED is a publicly owned and operated electric utility providing electric energy distribution, energy conservation and electric education programs to residents and businesses in North Attleborough.

NAED began operation on February 22, 1894, with its steam-driven dynamos lighting 565 streetlights with 32 candlepower each and about 800 commercial lights. For more than a century since then, NAED has led the way to meet the growing demand for continuous, reliable, high quality electric services at competitive prices.

As the hometown electric utility, NAED is an active corporate citizen whose 37 employees deliver another kind of energy, the energy that helps support activities for the betterment of the community. Thank you for joining us as we explore today's possibilities, meet the challenges of public service and progress with plans for the future.

North Attleborough Electric Department
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